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Horray! I love listening to podcasts. It never occurred to me until now that a majority of the podcasts on the internet are hosted by dudes, so it is especially refreshing to hear a group of smart enthusiastic women share their opinions.

Outside of the manga/anime realm I’d be interested in what movies/TV shows/books/etc the Sparkler crew are currently into.

I’ve been gnawing at the concept of talent and it might be a good topic for a future episode. Is talent an innate trait in a creator, the x-factor that you either have or don’t? Or is it something more accessible, a honed skill after years of trial and error? I think the popular opinion is shifting towards the latter, but I wonder if it’s a combination of both: a potential within someone that can be fully realized if you put in the time and work. Who knows?? I’d be very curious to hear another take on the nebulous subject.