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Reply To: User introductions!

Leah Waig

Hello peeps! :D I’m Leah, the audio intern. I’ve been helping out with Awake and Tokyo Demons since March. ^_^ I’ve been following along with Sparkler Monthly since I heard about it being launched via the Tokyo Demons site and now I help out behind-the-scenes. *o* It is glorious.

Let’s see, what else. Well, I like music (listening, singing, learning guitar), otome games, anime, writing (poetry, songs, fiction), and crafty stuff like crochet. :) Also overusing emotes. :P

When not editing audio and emote-spamming, I work as a virtual assistant (formatting/scheduling newsletters, blog posts, social media and other stuff people want to pay me to do in exchange for freeing up their time).

I also really like karaoke. o__o And would like to get into wearing lolita fashion later when my budget allows.

I… don’t know what else to write. XD Nice to meet you all! *waves*