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I agree with you after re reading Chapter 18 and other parts of the book. Colin has to want the Gaia Project or nobody would see him at all and he’d be locked up in some lab (like he was when Tory was letting his imagination run wild). I think he is enthusiastic about it and doesn’t want to stop. I do feel better that Tory has found him later on in life… it’s as if there’s nothing they can’t do when they’re together.

I love your idea that the time Tory and Colin spend apart mirrors the time between Vol 2 and 3. That’s a very cool way of looking at it!

I did ask Jen about one thing and she was kind enough to share.. I asked about Tory’s friendship with Mandy moving forward and whether he was going to stay at St. Peters or go back to his local school. Tory does finish at St. Peters (he graduates early yay!!!) and he and Mandy become very close friends. Now I have ideas about Mandy helping Tory track down Colin XD I really really enjoyed the Mandy and Tory aspect of the story!

I’m also finishing the Wikipedia article. Since it was left abandoned in 2009 I’ve been trying to keep it up to date (I’m horrible at doing Wikipedia, so suggestions are welcome!)


Happy Easter to you too <3