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@wonder1440, It seemed to me that it was uncertain whether Colin went along with the project willingly or became a prisoner to it. I think Tory haven’t figured out which one it is yet. It’s possible that even Colin doesn’t really know. (Tory asked him once: “How can you not know what you`re thinking?!”, but it is not at all surprising when you are a teenager and so many things change and happen for the first time and are confusing.)

I would like to believe that Colin is genuinely interested in the project and wants it to succeed and that ultimately it was his decision to go into the next phase. It seems more likely to me, from the way he was speaking. (I also would like to believe that he could stop any time he wanted, that it is not the kind of process where there is no coming back once you have started. That hope comes from my belief that Dr. Garrets is a responsible adult and a decent person and cares about his ward (at least to some extent), and therefore would not let him get involved into the Project if it <em>had to be</em> a lifetime commitment.) (Because human experimentation is already controversial enough. But when the test subject is underage? Consent is a very tricky question. And so there has to be as many fail-safes as possible.)
If it`s like this, then Tory and Colin can work together on The Gaia Project and probably create something so revolutionary that it will change the human race forever *__*

And if it’s not the case and Colin was somehow pressured by Dr. Garrets to join the Project or volunteered willingly but later regretted his decision and now is indeed trapped as a ‘lab rat’, then, now that Tory has finally found him, it’s only a matter of time before he figures out how to get Colin out. And they will surely succeed. Because Tory is smart and awesome like that.(Hopefully, the escape plan wouldn’t involve shooting Dr. Garrets dead like in a certain dream of Tory’s. Seriously, I can’t believe Dr. Garrets is really a bad person. If only for the fact that he is Jen Lee Quick`s character.^^)

So, whether it’s the latter or the former or something in-between, Colin and Tory are together again and that’s what truly matters. They will figure everything else out. That’s the way I see it.

<blockquote>Maybe I am normal?</blockquote>
mm, I would say you`re offbeat, just like we all here =^__~=

, why, thank you! =^__^= Colin from my icon comes from this picture: http://fav.me/d6gi75q

So, after rereading Chapter 18 part 2 & The Epilogue several times and having some time to reflect on the storm of emotions they cause, I feel like I can shape a few more impressions into words:
Even more than the kiss, I liked the hug they shared afterwards. *^_^* Such a beautiful heart-warming moment.
I absolutely loved the entirety of dialog between Colin and Tory in this chapter but my favourite part probably was: “Ha ha ha…”, “Heh, heh”, “hee hee hee” – “Okay. So what the hell was funny just then?” – “Nothing? Everything?“.
I really love the fact that it is not stated when exactly the Epilogue takes place so we don’t know how much time has passed. (I hope it’s not the year 2014! But then, Tory is really smart, it couldn’t not have been too long…)
And I can’t help but think that Tory and Colin`s separation mirrors Off*Beat’s hiatus. Which makes me feel all the more strongly about their reunion. Oh, which somehow reminds me –

Happy Easter, everyone(who celebrates it)!