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Wow…I definitely need time to let this sink in. When I saw them kiss I started dancing around my room and looked at my hard copies (that I had since 2007). What a long time coming it’s been.

I also enjoy the open ending, and thought it was a jammed pack chapter, with ever improving art.

Though I also felt that some areas could have been expanded on more. Of which, would require either more chapters or later side stories, etc. Attunement, Dr. Garrets, the whole gaia projects, phase 2..really really fantastic areas to see explored. Not to mention coming out to his mom potentially or exploring the now-out-in-the-open relationship dynamic between tory and colin. I guess if I had to be quite honest, I felt a bit like a kid with andy in their face but not able to grab it. There is so much potential for this manga, I would love to see more.

Overall, JLQ thank you for persevering and delivering such an awesome OEL manga! The roads been bumpy but you made it, congrats!