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I don’t think I could have put it any better… I totally felt the same way about the upcoming end (so much so I stayed home today to wait for it LOL). It is a pretty open ending… with Colin dropping hints and telling Tory not to get “bored” and leaving the little packet with the name of the company who is working with him.

I do have one thing that bothers me and it hit me pretty hard. I think Colin has discovered what “love” is, or at least what “like” is with another human. I felt, at the end, that he was a slave to this project, a prisoner who had no choice at this point to go along with it even when he seemed conflicted about where his true feelings are. It was if the clues he left Tory were cries for help. Maybe I’m reading too much into this (me? never!!! LOL), but I was hoping we would find out that Garrets had good intentions or that Colin found the project rewarding but it seems like Colin is participating and going with Garrets not because he wants to but because he doesn’t know anything else. Some of that was relieved with Tory going to work with the company Colin works for, but even though Tory brings comfort, Colin is still a lab rat. I hope he’s able to find love.

I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who was afraid of the ending though! Maybe I am normal? I love these characters so much <3 <3 that their stories still live on for me, outside the context of the “Off*beat” story that, in the end is just one part of many chapters in their lives. There’s SO many roads to choose in prequels and sequels, Jen has made something so special… it’s like we’ve seen a mere fraction of their lives and the possibilities are what makes this so great!