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Lianne Sentar

@animatorwannabe – Sorry for the late reply! To answer your questions:

1) Off*Beat going audio was a stretch goal we didn’t make in the Book 1-2 Kickstarter, so we had to shelf that idea. It’s a possibility in the future, but we’ll have to see.

2) For possible Off*Beat extra stories and smut, you’ll have to see how Vol 3 ends first. :)

3) Steady Beat was written/drawn by Rivkah, and I think she’s been working on other stuff since then. (Not for us, but still worth checking out. <3) And we've already been working/will work with lots of other ex-TOKYOPOP alumns: Christy (Dire Hearts) did RE:Play, Irene (illustrator on Dead Endings) was the artist for Mark of the Succubus, and we have another comic series starting soon by a pair of creators who have done manga for a number of publishers, including TOKYOPOP.