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Reply To: Gauntlet: Jacks are Wild (Cherry Bomb short story)

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Lianne Sentar

@Tacto – You daring Ellery to write this (back in the early Gauntlet chapters) is half the reason it exists, Tacto. *lol* Although as the book’s been serialized, more and more people have been coming out of the woodwork as Clio x Black Jack shippers, so this kind of Cherry Bomb extra made sense. Plus, as you mentioned, the ending is great/spooky and fills out some stuff in the novel.

As for Red Jack being Lila’s prowler – I’m not sure if that’s ever going to be confirmed in the book or not, since this short story weaves reality with Clio’s subconscious. (So it could be true, or it could just be her assumption.) We’ll see! Ellery likes to play with things like that. Gauntlet was always supposed to be a mishmash of reality and the surreal…when Ellery first pitched it, she labeled it as the genre slipstream.