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All I have to say is
Omg! I’m SO so glad Seb is okay. Oh gosh, dunno where to start, my head is spinning.

Okay, so we have two suspects in my mind right now: Rosa, and Jamilah.

Questions to add to the ever piling list:

“I…know you put Janelle here…to remind me of my failures. And I’ve resisted the
urge to be alone with her, because I swear I’ll never stray again, but…”

Why is Janelle reminding Rosa of her mistakes? Because it sounds like Rosa kinda has the hots for her.
Plus I thought Rosa and her wife were okay with sleeping around on the ship. Guess not?

“If Robbie tells Janelle, I don’t know
what I’ll do!”

If Robbie tells Janelle what? TELL US ROBBIE!

So I’m 70% sure Jamilah did it now. My previous notion about her leaving a video diary about her possibly being killed is gone. Now it’s possibly her confessing the murder to Janelle and making sure their family is taken care of? (in case she gets immediately arrested once woken up) Or maybe asking her to help hide the body further? SO much speculation!

I’m sure I’ll come up with more questions later. I need to listen to this another 5x times, haha.

Oh god I want the next chapter already!
You guys are the best :)