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Lori Henderson

@Lianne – The biggest obstacle I have to writing is time. I put my obligations first, so my personal writing gets to sit on the back burner. But I never stop thinking about it! I have no problem with scrapping something I’ve been working on, especially if I’m not happy with the direction/characters. I guess that’s been my problem so far. I haven’t been able to settle on a direction. I just recently changed up the characters, because I was feeling too confided with the original ones. I’m feeling a lot more free with the new ones I’ve come up with, but with that freedom has come a lot of different directions I can go in, and I was feeling lost about which way I should go. I want to do a story that balances both action and romance, and I’ve been having difficulty coming up with a plot to do that. The things I kept coming up with before seemed to be too heavy in one direction or the other.

– No please, do join in! The more the merrier. I was actually starting to feel a little guilty that was monopolizing all of Lianne’s attention (no, not really) :) One thing I can say I do try to do is make sure I know where I’m going, so I know how the story is going to end before I start writing. It’s all the bits in the middle that I will stumble on. I was starting to worry that I was over thinking things as I seemed to be keep hitting the reset button. I’m glad to hear it’s not as bad a thing as I thought. Thanks for that great advice. I personally perfer the filtering of world building through characters, I just worry too much about a character becoming to much of a “Mr. Exposition”. I want to get the information out without it being too obvious.