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Lianne Sentar

In the timeline of writing a novel, several months isn’t that long, so don’t be scared to scrap what you have, if you think a restructure will make the book better. (It would suck to lose written scenes and an outline, but it’s good to be willing to do that! And what you have is probably at least somewhat salvageable.)

There’s a difference between creative paralysis and being willing to toss something if you can do better. If you’ve written eighteen versions of the same scene, or you’ve been stumbling through your outline for a year without writing a word, you’re probably in creative paralysis. If you’re partway through your first draft and think of a way to make everything cooler, and there’s no deadline on the project…I see no problem with scrapping what you have.

But first, I’d suggest getting the opinion of a friend, editor, or beta reader. They can give you an outside opinion on whether or not your “restart” will be worth the trouble, or if they think what you have now is just as good and you should stick to your original plan.