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Lori Henderson

Yeah, I was thinking something similar after I wrote that. If the world was already established I think I could get away with hiding things, but starting from scratch as I am think means not hiding the main character like that. I then got the idea to twist it around, to open with something like an mob hit, where a slow reveal can add to the suspense and revealing the main character can be more natural. Then I can use the drowning scene later to bring the two leads together.

Doing this would practically turn everything upside down, and may even require changes to characters and motives. I’m not adverse to doing that. But I’ve been working with the same basic premise for several months now, and have written quite a few scenes and outlines. At what point do I stop with all the tinkering and just settle on something? I’m starting to feel I’ve got some creative paralysis with all the waffling I feel like I’m doing.