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I am enjoying the new chapters immensely *happy sigh* Haven’t commented in the discussion threads yet because I don`t have anything coherent to contribute, really, just ecstatic exclamations, etc. Need time to digest the awesomeness…
But here is something I want to share. Following Tory`s example, I Googled “zamioculcas zamiifolia” and when you start typing “zamio…”, Google suggests “zamioculcas zamiifolia cats” and the first thing that comes up in that search is that the ZZ plant is poisonous to cats.
Now my head is spinning with various possible implications of this…
Starting with wondering what that might mean for Colin`s message/riddle to Tory (the ZZ plant and cats are seemingly incompatible, yet there are ways for them to co-exist…)…
…and ending with crazy (and unlikely) ideas about how Dr. Garrets and Colin have been experimenting with the cats and succeeded in making them immune to ZZ`s toxins. Which really brings me back to all the crazy pre-Volume 3 ideas about the nature of the Gaia project. Back then I used to wonder whether the plants and the cats are some significant part of it.
Feeling nostalgic…