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ooooooooooh! I never even thought of that! But if everyone has a pod already on the ship and all they have to do is carry out their term, wouldn’t she still have her pod? Or do you mean she took someone else’s time (the way I think someone would really show they care for them is to take their time on the ship) and then took their pod later? Is that even possible? OH GOSH SO MANY NEW QUESTIONS!

And if the pod is empty, what the hell happened to Jamilah? ROSA TELL US YOUR SECRETS! Haha. Oh man, what if there was more than just one body and Jamilah is dead somewhere else on the ship? I wonder what happens to pods when people die, are they left where they are and just turned off? Or do they move them to a….I dunno…”dead people pods room”? Not sure what to call it. Because if the pods get moved, then there’s a greater chance that she or someone else is in there at least.
What if she knew someone was going to kill her so she left that hidden video key to let Janelle know who her killer is? Just speculation of course. I mean, if one guy can get killed off and almost be forgotten, why not two people?

I hope you guys don’t mind me rambling ^^;