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Lianne Sentar, thank you very much! =^__^=
I`m not sure if this two pictures are adequate to gauge my progress as an artist, since the 2009 one was a quick chibi doodle and the 2014 one was an attempt of something closer to Off*beat’s original art style. I posted them both because I like them both and am not really sure which one I prefer ^_^
‘Cute and feminine’ is what I have in mind when I think of Mandy. That`s what I was going for, yay! =^_^= Thank you! ♥

Oh! Sner2000` s Valentine is just wow =*__*= All those hearts!

Animatorwannabe, I cannot emphasize how much I like the way you used Tory`s necklace enough =*_*=

IMHO, this was a wonderful MPC! =^__^=