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Title: Bright and Monstrous Things
Setting: 1920’s Miami
Genre: Urban Fantasy

Iona has a unique ability, she can kill people with her touch. It comes in handy for running cons with her family, one of the top crime families in Miami. It’s easy to make the marks’ deaths look like accidents. After her brother is killed by Atticus La Palma, one of the big mob bosses, Iona is ready to move on. True to the nature of her family she can’t leave without completing one last con. It wasn’t very well planned but she was desperate; she just took advantage of the drunk rich college kid that stumbled through the doors of her family’s speakeasy. Preparing to hide the evidence, Iona is shocked when the boy hasn’t died. In fact, he’s alive and well. Iona learns that her mark is Hugo Verite and he has found out her secret and a way to exploit it for good. Sanitize Miami from it’s sin and corruption, a lofty, yet twisted goal but with Iona’s power and Hugo’s cunning it can be done. The pair is working their way up to La Palma, perfecting their technique along the way. Hot on their trial is Arden “The Warden” Reese, a young but talented detective and her partner Chase Channing. It looks like Iona and Hugo are able to evade the cops until Iona’s previous marks start coming back from the dead with a taste for vengeance and a taste for brains.