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Thanks for the feedback. I did have another idea or two I thought might be worthwhile.

Title: The Challenges of Panthea

Genre: Dark Comedy

Premise: 24 year-old Panthea has felt put upon her entire life. Whenever anything in life starts to go right for her, the situation changes completely and she’s put through the ringer. She only wants a normal life, but it always seem out of reach for her. What Panthea doesn’t realize is that she is in actuality a play thing of an aristocratic society of gods(A mix of several pantheons) who regard humankind as a source of entertainment. The gods watching her decide Panthea’s life has become too predictable and the ante needs to be upped for their own amusement. Well intentioned yet scatter brained Panthea will find herself thrust into the plots and conspiracies of the worst of humanity, situations which will only get worse as the gods’ fickle attentions wax and wane. Panthea’s family and friends will be drawn into the drama as well, regarded by the gods as her “supporting cast” and “the B-plots.” Yet certain gods will secretly root for Panthea and discreetly provide her the means of escaping/solving her predicaments, if her mind is open and she is clever enough to pick up upon the solution.