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Thank you for the opportunity to submit a mini-pitch.

Title: Mixed Blood

Genre: Dark modern fantasy

Premise: A creative and kindhearted Hispanic American girl, 16 year-old Elisa has spent her entire life in a group home. In a moment of loneliness, Elisa makes a wish upon an antique pendent for her to find others like herself. She is magically transported across the United States and suddenly in the company of 3 other teenagers, who were also magicked away from their homes. Elisa comes to realize the magic came from her, and like the other teens, she is partly human and partly supernatural. She is joined by August; an Irish-American part vampire girl with a mysterious demeanor, Devon; an African American fire conjuror with disturbing visions, and Garrison; the affable Caucasian wayward son of a werewolf. The group feels a kinship with one another they’ve never experienced before and decide to stay together and help Elisa unravel the mystery of her parentage. However, their journey will be fraught with perils from both the human world and the supernatural underground. They find themselves at odds with Garrison’s deranged werewolf father, August’s possessive vampire clan, and other more mysterious threats.