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You can’t trust anyone in the Gauntlet, right? ;)

The setting is very intriguing – if we assume that this is a world without magic (which seems to be the case), then Gauntlet being so large seems highly unlikely in a realistic world (it is an abandoned building in the middle of the city in the beginning). That and other elements point to it being actually set up in Clio’s head (how that happened and who/why is doing that is the question).

What is a bit surprising to me is Clio’s reaction to the Gauntlet and people in it (August in particular) – after a near-to-death scare as she entered the place and the following days/weeks (?) that she spent with Brit trying to survive, she is extraordinarily un-wary of new places and new people.I would probably be asking everyone new the same question as soon as I see them: “what IS the Gauntlet?!! what is going on here???!!”