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Lianne Sentar

@okaykarendraw – Ooooooh, yes. The Sachi 18+ story was tricky to illustrate, since we didn’t want it to be, uh, shouta-esque? O.o But rem did a really, really awesome job, and somehow made it classy yet REALLY EFFECTIVE. The Sachi x Kado fans are gonna flip.

The Cherry Bomb logo was done by Lissa Pattillo, our web admin and top designer! We went through a million iterations, so she worked hard on that, ha ha. (She also did the logo for Sparkler, Gauntlet, Dead Endings, Awake…)

– Right now, Cherry Bomb is only through our regular creators and a few additional people we specifically approached (like Spica). We have a very particular type of erotica in mind – stuff with context, feels, and a purpose (we’re avoiding PWP) – so we didn’t want to open up submissions until we published some stuff first and creators could “understand” what we’re looking for. But we’ll probably have some variation of open submissions for it later, yes.

@Najela – We’re not requiring sexy spin-offs from all our creators, but most of them have expressed an interest in doing something, so most of the series will probably have a Cherry Bomb piece(s) at some point.

Is there a particular series you guys really want smut from? If you ask, I can forward this thread to that creator. :3