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Lianne Sentar

What a great suggestion, A.M. Funk! Thank you!

Najela: I think that kind of story would be fine in audio, we just aren’t interested in the premise. That stuff about betting on someone else’s V-card is also inappropriate for our magazine (not in terms of “too adult,” but “too non-con”).

Right now, we’re especially interested in audio dramas that would be 4-8 chapters long, 15-25 minutes each. Approx 1 page of script is 1 minute of audio. You can use Awake and its transcripts as guidance.

Pitching’s fun, but I should probably warn everybody now about the trap of the elevator pitch: it’s easy to get sidetracked by thinking up a million premises and how to market each, but we don’t need anything super complicated or jaw-dropping. We just want fun stories with some depth and originality, and a little spark to get people to try it. Think of the stories we have on Sparkler now – most of the premises are relatively simple. “Boy stalks his next-door neighbor.” “Girl is haunted by ghosts.” “Girl gets stuck in a labyrinth.” All of those premises have that spark – it’s not just about some random person living a random life, because there’s an interesting twist in each of their lives – and the creators spent all their time building really great stories and characters under those accessible, interesting ideas. A lot of the stories we’re running now were “old” ideas the creators had been mulling for years, and now we’ve helped them put it together and publish it. That raw passion is what we want. It’s easy to get so focused on marketing or pleasing your publisher that you stop putting your heart into your work.

In short – think of a premise that YOU care about, and you know you could put your heart into, because that’s the stuff we publish. And then give it just enough of a spark that someone other than you would pick it up. :)