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Thanks so much for your advice. On average how many episodes will there be for audio dramas? I have to give credit to my friend Usagi who gave me the idea. Think of it as Ouran High School set in a college in America. The story is somewhat darker than what’s presented here, but I just wanted to give a taste. And I’m aware that Daisuke is typically used as a boy’s name, but as with most of my placeholder names, it just stuck. As I was thinking about this, it may or may not work for an audio drama, but hopefully the idea is there and with some further tweaking it could work. Here is the pitch:

Daisuke, a smart, yet socially awkward creative writing student, receives a full ride scholarship to the school of her dreams. When her overprotective parents sabotage her dreams by hiding her acceptance letter and financial aid award, Daisuke loses her scholarship and is forced to attend Arts College, the local junior college. Daisuke is determined to make it on her own after her parents’ betrayal but finds that she knows nothing about the “real world” and how it works.

Arisa, an infamous socialite and former reality show star, is left with nothing after the cancellation of her family’s reality show. Determined to get a fresh start and get back on track, Arisa enrolls at Arts College to major in journalism. A closeted anime and manga nerd, Arisa gets an idea to start her own host club from the manga Doki Doki!!! Host in Love!!

Daisuke and Arisa are thrown together as roommates, but when various personal problems threaten to jeopardize their school funding, Daisuke reluctantly teams up with Arisa to start a host club. At first, auditions go terribly. Since host clubs aren’t well known in America, Arisa decides to call the club the Arts College Escort Service (A.C.E.S.) to attract a wider clientele. Arisa has already had tryouts and narrowed the group down to a few guys chosen only for their looks, not their personalities. Kouji is chosen as the strong and silent type. Celebrity twins, Jet and Rocket are the ‘little devil’ type. Ian is the cool type, and Saito is the Prince. These are hardly their natural personalities though.

Unbeknownst to Daisuke, Arisa’s put Daisuke’s virginity up for grabs, claiming that who can ever bed the girl first can win the ‘consulting fee’, a percentage of every sale that is being used in this bet. Needless to say, this makes the A.C.E.S. and Daisuke very popular. However, the first few months fail epically. Seeing this, Daisuke restructures the group and lets the guys be themselves. Daisuke adds herself to the roster as the Nerd Girl type, going with guys as their “girlfriends” cosplaying and going to different conventions. Hijinks ensue.