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Yeah, lately the weather around here has certainly been serving as an inspiration for the northern winter! I was kinda struck by the number of times I used the descriptor “gray” in Chapter 2 while I was editing it–must be February.

With Demyan, I just picked a Russian name that I liked, a variant on Damian, which seemed easy to pronounce and not too outlandish for the English speaker. (Some other names in the running were Aleksei, Viktor, and Volya.) Although I did worry that Damian was kind of a romance novel name, I feel really derpy for the fact that it didn’t occur to me while I was writing that it sounds not a little like “demon.” It was totally unintentional. Probably my subconscious chiming in “Yeah! That sounds like a good name for a character from the dark side!”

I do hope you end up liking Demyan, though. Chapter two should come out in about a week!