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Hello everyone! What a wonderful thing you have going on here! Everyone`s art is so beautiful! =^__^=
I want to participate too. Mandy from Off*beat
This is Mandy from ‘Off*beat’. She is making snowmen. Snowman Tory has carrot hair and pieces of carrot leaves for eyes. Snowman Colin has bilberry (or blueberry) hair and eyes. The snowmen are on board of a (snow) ship. Because my head canon is that Mandy is a shipper on deck ^_^
This drawing on DeviantArt: http://five-pm.deviantart.com/art/Mandy-the-Shipper-on-Deck-430911883
P.S. Happy Chinese New Year 2014! Mandy has a tiny blue horse in her hair (it’s supposed to be a barrette) for the occasion =^_^=