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Rebecca Scoble

This is so great, Neila! I love the idea for this prompt, too–there is nothing better than terrible Valentines puns!

All right, artists of Sparkler–I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with!

Raffle details:

Sparkler will be running a raffle on March 1st for everyone who participates in this prompt. Just post your art here or post a link to your art here (if it’s hosted elsewhere, like on Tumblr), and your name goes in the raffle! Any free or paying subscriber to sparklermonthly.com can post in the forums, as you’ll see in our Welcome Post.

We’ll be pulling three winners from the raffle. If you’re one of the winners, you’ll receive your choice of one of the following:

1.) A free one-month subscription to Sparkler Monthly

2.) A free Sparkler Monthly ebook/mp3 set of your choice (Off*Beat Vol 1, Off*Beat Vol 2, Tokyo Demons Vol 1, or Tokyo Demons Audio Book 1, Part 1)

3.) A free button set from any of our series mailed directly to you: Off*Beat, Dire Hearts, Awake, Gauntlet, or Tokyo Demons