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@Lianne, That’s definitely good advice. I’m starting to learn that when something is not going right what can I do to keep the momentum going. I was just working on a scene where it was starting to lose momentum and changing dialogue, not making the easy choices for characters really helps stretch my brain as you said.

Beyond Beauty has been done since last year (my friend and I were having a 6 month writing challenge), but I’ve been giving the chapters to Scotty in chunks. Everything except ch 4, which has to be rewritten because I have no idea where it went. I think what worked for me is deciding the overall arc of the story and how long I needed to tell the story I wanted to tell. The story is 8 chapters long and it hasn’t really deviated too much from it’s outline, which is also a first.

I was really lucky to find Scotty and I think the writing and the art work well because we are both passionate about the story. I don’t write in panels and I suppose my graphic novel scripts are more like scripts for plays without stage directions (or correct formatting) so they allow the artist more freedom to play around with layout and storyboarding. Scotty has an amazing body of work and I trust her judgment went it comes to the layout and her artwork has only enhanced what I originally saw in my head. I think it also works because I trust Scotty’s judgment when it comes to comic related things. I really wish I had more to say, but it really is just that easy. I write the script and Scotty draws it and I’m always blown away by how beautiful it is and how smooth the translation between words and art is.