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@Doreibo: That role–>setting—>character take is interesting. My writing process seems to be different, but similar. It seems that theme guides the story from there. I think mine might be “scenario/twist—>character—>important scene(s)”. So for something like Beyond Beauty (this formula probably works better for the fairytale retellings that I’m doing, moreso than the original stuff) It was “What if the genders in Beauty and the Beast were flipped?”, then the characters came out from there, and then there were 3 important scenes, one of which being the first chapter. Then everything else just spread organically from that. Beyond Beauty is the first story that I’ve ever finished because usually this formula doesn’t have enough to carry it from major scene to major scene. And maybe that’s why I get frustrated when I try to write is because I’m too focused on the glue that holds these pieces together instead of the pieces themselves.

@Lianne: I liked the advice you posted writing, especially setting and POV. These are things I tend to neglect. I think my strongest points are character and dialogue, but when I read the comments in that post, I noticed a really bad habit that started creeping up again which I realized I had mentioned. In the comments, you stated that when you were younger you just wrote the cool bits and not the boring bits, which I totally used to do. I realized that I still do this. I had an outline for the story I’m writing now, but my external hard drive crashed and I can only remember a few scenes, none of which were all that important. Using an outline helped extremely with Beyond Beauty and I think that “cool scenes” writing method only works if you have an outline that always has something happening and very little downtime.

I love those 3am inspiration sessions, unless I have to be awake at 5, then it sucks. I usually don’t even try to sleep at at that point.