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Lianne Sentar

Hey, sometimes the best creative work is done in the middle of the night, after a flash of inspiration–there’s something surreal about nighttime, especially to the sleep-deprived brain, and you’re often free of distractions at that point. :)

Your creation process of role –> setting –> character is really interesting, Doreibo. That makes a lot of sense, since often, characters grow and adapt only AFTER you put them in a situation and make them face some stuff; in other words, that leaves plenty of space for good character development. In your system, it sounds like the purpose of the story (tale of redemption, loss of innocence, whatever) will be pretty strong from the beginning, which is something a lot of people struggle with.

Don’t be afraid of cliche and archetypes in your early drafts! Cliche is something everyone understands – it’s immediately accessible, and usually popular for a reason. You want to try to diversify in later drafts, of course, but cliche is a good starting point to get your engine running. Sometimes that will help you better picture where a character belongs in the story (the genki type moves the plot forward/the red shirt dies to show that the situation is serious/the tsundere is the one the main character wants to crack), and then you can get creative and screw with the formula once you’re knee-deep in your plot creation.

A few years ago I wrote a post on livejournal about my writing process, which is less about plot and more about setting, characters, and writing style. But that may be relevant to this conversation.

Also, YOU WERE WRITING ADAM PORN?! :D And you mention the short stories, so…Sachi x Kado or something? Yee hee hee! XD (I know how easy it is to rely on sexy dream sequences. But they’re awesome, hence Tokyo Demons has about a million. It’s a good way to unearth hidden desires and have a little fun.)