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Reply To: Tokyo Demons Book 2: Chapter 7 discussion

Lianne Sentar

Ah, Doreibo’s beautiful breakdowns~.

A lot of what you brought up are big unknowns right now, but will definitely come up (including details on how Touya’s power works, which is coming up next month, via Kado). Both Touya and Kado have complicated pasts, including their past together…and unlike, say, Ayase and Sachi, they’ve been more “aware” of their powers and “power communities” (like Kado’s relationship with his family of semi-inbred psychics) for a while.

Kadoyuki, so desperate and little. He really screwed himself over this time.

That kid’s been having a terrible, parallel adventure with Touya in the background since Book 1. And…yeah. He’s in big trouble now. I know there are a lot of Kado fans out there, so I don’t know how they’re going to react to the news that he’s a traitor. :(

Kadoyuki admittedly seems like he is worse off than Ochi, but that may be because he has to deal with what goes on in the present.

Kado’s problems run deeper than just him dealing with his power(s), but Ochi’s been suicidal for a while. They just translate their misery differently. Being a psychic really, really blows sometimes…Sachi’s the exception, not the rule.

I’m still a little confused, he can see the future, but if it is not due to his Malum trait and in fact due to a supernatural trait, then he would be suffering as much as Wipe has due to a reconfiguration of his brain. I guess his Malum trait is what is allowing him to stay ‘sane’.

You’re on to something there! Still, you’re assuming Touya’s sane. :)

Could it be that Kadoyuki and Touya are related?