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Reply To: Tokyo Demons Book 2: Chapter 7 discussion

Lianne Sentar

Doreibo, I’m so happy to see you at Sparkler! XD I noticed your posts popping up last night, and I can’t wait to go through them all. The new chapter’s up now, and I think it went up, like, 30 seconds after your post. *lol* Glad you’ve been enjoying Sachi getting some action and the boner jokes. Also, PLOT STUFF I GUESS. :) Those bodyguards are hard to control, which may…come up soon, heh. Glad you like Sparkler! It’s really been coming along~. Becca and our writers, artists, and editors are totally nailing the other serials. I’m so proud of everyone. <3

Tacto, Ochi and Nakajima are so freaking tight-lipped that I don't think ANYONE guessed his power. But if I'm not mistaken, you guess that "Mother" was Touya all along, right? And I think Doreibo did, too! (And Doreibo figured out Touya could see the future a looooooong time ago, based on puzzling through the Prologues of Book 1 & 2.) You guys are good at this. <3

Tokyo Demons has another important chapter next month - the climax of Book 2, and rem's doing the cover for Sparkler~. And then the end will come out in March or April. Almost there at last! This book is over 110K words by now. O.o