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Reply To: Q&A with the residents of Tokyo Demons


Sachi: So Sachi. . . which was more intense, Ono in the labs or Ayase in the Church?

Kiyoshi: What is the thing you miss most about staying in the dorms at Fukuhashi?

Jo: How many packs do you smoke a day? Oh, and also, How many stitches did you get from that cut any way?

Ayase: Who had the funniest face when you first revealed your bugs to them?

Nick: How badly do you miss T-shirts, and doesn’t it get hot wearing long sleeves all the time?

Miki: What is the longest and most creative expletive you can give us?

Kadoyuki: On a scale of 1 to 10, how embarrassing was the moment you read Sachi’s mind the morning after the lab incident in middle school?