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Reply To: Tokyo Demons Book 2: Chapter 7 discussion


Gah! I was totally expecting the chapter last night, damnit time differences! Oh well. I can’t wait to see the chapter released tonight guys! The series has really ramped up some action since chapter 6 started. Holy hell fire Kadoyuki is stepping it up! Also caught up on the bonus stories from the TD website. ;)

FINALLY, Sachi you sly dog you. I loved that little interruption with how the ‘body’ can’t handle it. Haha. Ayase definitely seems to have dived off the deep end here, unintentionally getting herself more into the mood sitting beside Kiyoshi. >.< Thinking about those things was meant to help you? :p Oh but man that whole Touya situation was creepy! My sympathies in part to the fact that he probably had been hooked to pitch since he was a kid. I mean if three years of pitch did that to Wipe, then Touya would have to struggle a lot. I mean it isn’t as bad what with the lack of a significant neural mutation but still, if Kiyoshi’s ‘darkness’ is anything to indicate what it is like.

Oh man, what is going to happen to Sachi and Jo now though? I mean they are technically safe inside a prison cell right? The body guards don’t have to save them if they are already technically safe. . . But I guess Zayd could order them again like he did with Nakajima in the clinic. He did stipulate to them that he could give them direct orders so, eh, it isn’t too far a stretch of an order I suppose, especially with unit 7 appearing as a police officer. Still curious about unit 6 though. . .

Good luck with the future chapters Lianne! Oh and also congratulations on how well the site has taken off. You have a fair bit of content starting to flow in and I am sure with the coming months you will have even more stories flowing into the network. Keep up the good work writers! We love you all! You too Rebecca, your audio work is the tops! Awake is just simply amazing.