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Fascinating. I have never personally structured my stories or writing like you have said above, and the initial post about the scene setting seems so obvious but I guess I have stumbled into it a lot. I only ever made a storyboard for one of my stories and I never got around to writing it or expaning on it. Even now it is growing and adapting, but all of it in my head, nothing to paper as of yet. (Thank you busy life and drama)

I have still be thinking of that fanfic I was writing but haven’t made much head way there. I started something with Adam (from TD) but it sort of petered out and sounded really dumb. I want this new story to have some independance from my previous one, still involve a TD character but not follow the whole dream sequence. It seemed too easy to write within that frame for my Kiyoshi fic but I can’t do that again. I’ve just been running through the recent updates and the adult bonus stories and they do give me some more ideas but I’m just waiting for that moment of inspiration for a perfect situation to take hold in the TD story where I can continue to write from.

Honestly with my first fanfic I had just read a section of TD (possible spoilers) involving Kiyoshi’s sleep talking and it just sparked something. The rest of the writing just seemed to fit in naturally with the actual prose story line and was a space in which Lianne and Rebecca hadn’t covered much of so I could be vague or wild enough. True that I may have made some assumptions here and there involving the effects of certain things and maybe a bit of imaginative flexibility with a character’s personal life, but most of it was in line with the actual prose.

I’m sort of just waiting for another moment like that to just click with me, and I may have just read one, but honestly that first fic was written at 3am with little sleep and for some reason that is my common writing process. I re-read that a thousand times before confirming that it wasn’t just nonsense trash.

Whenever I try to write something or start a story, even if it is just in my head, I try to imagine the role, not the character, first then the setting, then the actual character. For example,

a prostitute -> walking out a hotel room after a client into a well lit hallway overlooking a courtyard surrounded by glass and other rooms inside the tall hotel tower, the sunlight being reflected from mirrors high above the courtyard down into its centre. Other hotel visitors are walking around the garden and the lobby surrounding it as staff push cleaning trolleys along the hallway she entered. -> She is jaded, reasonably young with pointed ears and a penchant for green sparkly clothes. She is tired of her short stint in the business. It’s just another way to make money, admittedly a little bit more unseemly than her last job, but at least she wasn’t being shot at.

From there I tend to just make a story in my head that seems natural. Other times I just make an overarching world and draw a story from that. Alot of cliches, I will admit, tend to stumble into my stories and archetypal characters too. Often I drop a storyline because it has too many of them, but every now and then a jewel sparkles through the trough and there is a story untouched by outside influence that isn’t predictable and draws vividly from a reader’s imagination.

But again, that usually only happens at 3am after a lack of sleep >.<