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Reply To: Tokyo Demons Book 3: Chapter 4, Part 2 Discussion

Lianne Sentar

I’m sorry I was away from the forums for so long! These posts are all so great. <3

That whole segment is probably my favourite part of the entire chapter. I ship the OT3, like most sensible folk. Still, Kiyoshi accepts Ayase in a different way than Sachi does. Sachi and Kado loves her even though he can read her mind; Kiyoshi loves her even though her body is really goddamn weird. And I ship that, too.

There are always little moments I put into the book that I’m afraid are too sappy, and this was one of them, so I’m really glad you liked it–that’s a relief! *lol* I guess it’s not as corny as my original idea of Ayase literally reforming in his arms, which would have been WAY too much, heh. You’re right that Ayase’s relationship with Kiyoshi has always been more physical than mental, and that this is the sweet side of what would normally feel superficial: “I love your body, no matter what it goes through. Just please let me touch it.” He would get SUPER into her being pregnant, for example. Oh man, that’s a discussion for another day. :D

Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one seriously invested in Mitsuko and Jo’s relationship. I’ll save the gushy paragraphs for my entry in the shipping contest, but suffice to say that I’m going to continue shipping it until their inevitable miserable breakup. Then I’ll make myself consolation tea.

This made me laugh so hard, Olivia.

I do adore their relationship and this chapter was like, perfect for showing why Mitsuko is especially really good for Jo. She’s free with her love, which in a way can take a ton of pressure off of someone (instead of viewing love as this rare thing that’s oceans deep that can be terrifying for some), and also she shows Jo that even if she loves Miki and loved Takeshi, she doesn’t forget about Jo. She didn’t HAVE to text Jo. She didn’t HAVE to choose to communicate with him when everything was a mess, but she did.

I love your analysis, Pachi. Jo scares easy, but Mitsuko is the queen of No Pressure. It sounds so unromantic like that, but it works, since both of them are hyper-rational (except for Mitsuko’s thrill-seeking problem, and Jo’s phobia of prison/getting caught). We’re going to delve into Jo and Mitsuko a LOT more in Tokyo Ghosts, which I’m really looking forward to. I think they’re much more interesting when they’re in their early 20s. :D

The Miki, Mitsuko, Jo and the gang situation. There is something about Miki and Mitsuko’s relationship that I love, it isn’t all sparks and fire – although I would describe it that way if I had to because I am not sure what to call it – they seem to have this raw desire to live and fight to show that they do so and it shows in their relationship too. UGH

Aw, I’m glad you like it, Becky. <3 Miki and Mitsuko were best friends long before they were lovers, and their friendship/partnership is way stronger than their romance, hence the, uh, lack of sparks most of the time. *lol* But if you heard the Miki Date CD, Miki basically uses Byakko as his surrogate family, and Mitsuko considers the Riot Girls a giant mass of little sisters, so their passion is coming out here in defending their own. And that includes each other!