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Reply To: Tokyo Demons Book 3: Chapter 4, Part 2 Discussion


This series….it just sucks all my words away.
The whole Ayase consciousness and discovering how much of her was left had my heart in my mouth.

The Miki, Mitsuko, Jo and the gang situation. There is something about Miki and Mitsuko’s relationship that I love, it isn’t all sparks and fire – although I would describe it that way if I had to because I am not sure what to call it – they seem to have this raw desire to live and fight to show that they do so and it shows in their relationship too. UGH.

The gang has definitely taken alot for the Church, I can see why she had to make the decision that she did and Takeshi…

The cliffhanger at the end, just OMG moment, it is ripping my heart up thinking up theories. I also want to hug Sachi so much.