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Reply To: Master thread for Year 3 Kickstarter

Lianne Sentar

Hey, Olivia! Here’s the $200 tier list:

Off*Beat Vol 1-3
Tokyo Demons Vol 1-2
Tokyo Demons Cherry Bomb Collection (coming out late summer/early fall)
The Ring of Saturn
Mahou Josei Chimaka
Orange Junk Vol 1
Windrose Vol 1
Gatesmith Vol 1 (coming out late summer/early fall)
Dusk in Kalevia (coming out fall)
Dead Endings (coming out late summer/early fall)
Awake Chap 1 CD + Cat Lover’s Circumstances Chap 1 CD

We’re probably going to make a graphic of that for Friday’s Kickstarter update, heh.

As for substitutions, those two CDs (as a set) generally retail for $8 when we sell them at cons, so you could swap them out for one ebook, if you wanted? Just leave a clear note in the post-Kickstarter survey making a request like that.

As an update, we’re almost at $6K in the Kickstarter, whee! XD