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Reply To: Tokyo Demons Book 3: Chapter 4, Part 1 Discussion


(Man it has been so long since I have commented – it feels like an eternity That’s how powerful this starting chapter was! It made me realise I had to talk about this!)

This chapter – you were not kidding. When I finished reading it, my mind was practically blank from the initial overload of complete and utter emotional insanity and blackmail.

I can’t even tell how much of Touya’s perspective is still real or not real. His ability of seeing so many futures. My nails were practically in my palms as I read what Kado did (damn still can’t stop calling him Kado).

I can’t decide if it is bravery or just sheer madness. It is practically locking yourself with a wounded tiger, then again is a healthy tiger just as bad? With Touya in control of the imprisonment and then for him to lose control can Kado and Sachi free themselves?

Does Sachi even have a way to help?

That’s just one part of it.

Don’t even get me started on Ayase. The current relevations about her have raised up so many questions for me, but the sheer precision of their attack on her. I have to wonder the same things.

Can she restore herself from what she has? Can she control the multipication of her bugs? Can she even sustain a long time as bugs – someone else has already mentioned that she could in theory become permanently stuck in that form. I wonder what about her mental capacity?

It was already shown that her consciousness is affected by said destruction, with a big enough loss can she lose memories? Can she forget she is even human?

And the ending….ARGH the curses of being uptodate with this series. As bad as pitch addiction. I have to wait for the next “fix”.