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Reply To: Tokyo Demons Book 3: Chapter 4, Part 1 Discussion


I think at this point, Kado would be pretty chill with AyaseBees on him?? He can hear her thoughts after all, which definitely helps.

He’s always been pretty chill with them, actually. And Ayase as well, at least more so than Sachi. (Poor Sachi.)

I kinda theorize that Kado’s goals are to make Touya go to the Church team since they do, in fact, have pitch. I’m not sure if Kado realizes this, but it would be easy enough to bait Touya into going.

Like right now I feel like Touya’s just gonna spontaneously pass out. He’s weak as hell, and adrenaline doesn’t go very far at all.

He could potentially just faint, but he seems coherent and focused enough in this instance to stick it out for the few minutes it would take to kill Kado.

As for Touya joining the Church…well, first of all I don’t think he’d be welcome. The Church has a tight-knit team, and trusting each other is a large part of why their dynamic works. Touya would be a thousand times worse than Nakajima as an ally. Even if he needs them to wean himself off the Pitch, what about after that? He’s too weak and borderline crazy to be an asset at the moment, and the second he healed he’d just break the allegiance. It certainly doesn’t seem to be in Kadoyuki’s plans, if “I lied” is any indication.

As a separate issue, what exactly is going to happen to Byakko after this? Miki’s almost guaranteed to be locked up and Takeshi’s dead. Mitsuko already said she isn’t interested in the guys’ side of things. I mean, with Zero gone there might not be a need to use Byakko as a weapon anymore, but it seems like a nasty way for things to end.