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Reply To: Tokyo Demons Book 3: Chapter 4, Part 1 Discussion

Pachi —

Yesss. It’s so hard to get people past those first few chapters and the writing style. I spend way too much time thinking about how to get more people into this fandom.

The problem I have is people not wanting to suffer. Why don’t you want to suffer??

And speaking of the OT3, imagine how Sachi would react if he and Kadoyuki were finally freed and he comes back to see Ayase and she’s…bugs. Permanently.

Sachi very nervously holding an AyaseBee in his hands and reminding himself that it’s Ayase and being thankful that he can read her feelings still.

I think at this point, Kado would be pretty chill with AyaseBees on him?? He can hear her thoughts after all, which definitely helps.

But first he’s got to be freed, and since Touya is probably down for the count, it’ll be interesting to see how things turn out. I honestly have no idea how Kado’s going to get out of being strangled by someone with Pitch-enhanced muscles.

I kinda theorize that Kado’s goals are to make Touya go to the Church team since they do, in fact, have pitch. I’m not sure if Kado realizes this, but it would be easy enough to bait Touya into going.

Like right now I feel like Touya’s just gonna spontaneously pass out. He’s weak as hell, and adrenaline doesn’t go very far at all.