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I think Tory realizes Colin’s need to continue the project… and Colin probably is complimenting Tory by telling him everything but telling him nothing by leaving the Grow Pak seeds.

Also, I think they are married by the time Tory joins Colin (there was mention of the domestic wing). He may not be working directly with Colin (conflict of interest) but may be working with Grow Pak. He may or may not be a doctor either, or may be an intern.

I asked Jen about what happens between the end of the last chapter and the epilogue. Tory and Mandy become close, Tory’s mom is relieved that Tory is forming relationships with people his own age and is supportive and accepting. Tory finishes high school early.

She also told me Colin is all in on the project and has no desire to leave it.

I think their love is so strong as to not be stopped by all the obsticles they have between them :-)