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Reply To: Tokyo Demons Book 3: Prologue + Chapter 1 discussion

Lianne Sentar

Serials live or die by their pacing, so I’m glad you approve. :) I have possibly the shortest attention span in the world, so I use my own boredom meter as a gauge to keep things moving.

I think because we’ve seen Touya through the first and second books as pretty much invincible it kind of bothers me to see him showing weakness. It feels wrong, in a way.

Good! :D

Also: SO upset that Ochi’s dead actually because Nakajima is one of my favourites and she shouldn’t have to suffer like that and Ochi’s life shouldn’t have ended so abruptly I feel so sorry for him and they’re my otp dammit-

That’s a very loaded OTP, ha ha! Yeah, sorry…Touya is especially murderous when it comes to psychics, and he already knew poor Ochi’s power, so he could work around it. And Ochi didn’t have anyone around to save him like the Kado/Sachi deal. :(

P.S. Is there an AO3 category for this? My fingers are itching to type out bad fan-fiction.

Actually, there isn’t! We’ve been archiving Tokyo Demons fanfiction (we have something like a dozen stories so far) on tokyodemons.com, but an AO3 category would be great…that means the poor fans wouldn’t have to wait for me to post their stuff when I’m so slow to update td.com, heh. I would loooooooooove to read your fanfiction, and if you post it on AO3, I’ll try to get some of the other fanficcers to crosspost on there to buff up the category, too. (If you need an AO3 invite, I do have an account there to post my non-TD fanfics.)