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Reply To: Tokyo Demons Book 3: Prologue + Chapter 1 discussion


Holy shit When I read the first paragraph of the prologue I was already dying to get here and discuss it I mean everything’s starting to cool down but before there’s time to recover the shitstorm returns once more- I’m in love with your pacing.

I think because we’ve seen Touya through the first and second books as pretty much invincible it kind of bothers me to see him showing weakness. It feels wrong, in a way.

Also: SO upset that Ochi’s dead actually because Nakajima is one of my favourites and she shouldn’t have to suffer like that and Ochi’s life shouldn’t have ended so abruptly I feel so sorry for him and they’re my otp dammit-

And Mitsuko is crazy amazing. If she were real I’d have a massive crush on her (sexuality be damned).

Wow, I’m not really contributing to this discussion much. I’m not what you’d call an insightful reader, unless it’s for a literature assignment.

Whatever. I’m in love with your story, Miss Sentar. Keep it up!

P.S. Is there an AO3 category for this? My fingers are itching to type out bad fan-fiction.