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Reply To: The Cat Lover’s Circumstances: Chapter 1

Rebecca Scoble

Yep, Courtney’s right–the dating sim announcer is Alex O’Shea. He’s both a very talented actor, and a friend who I can sucker into doing stuff for me…so expect to hear lots more of his voice in the future :D

“Craving nicotine craving nicotine” is also an Awake alum–Leena Soussi, the voice of Jamilah. Jesse Hodson, voice of Robbie, and Jennie Fiddes, voice of Miki in Tokyo Demons, also covered a few of the side voices in the dating sim sequence and at the party (and we all got to hear Jesse’s middle school boy voice, which was great).

And…”drunk drunk druuuuuunk” was me. On a project like this that’s full of side voices, there’s always a few I have to cover last minute.

Some day, my projects will be legit enough that I can make other people do all the acting! Some day…