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Reply To: The Cat Lover’s Circumstances: Chapter 1


People, your cats awesome ! *___*

I loved the rest of Chapter 1! :) ♥
I’m convinced that Aina is actually crushing on Misaki.
Also, I think Nishida said that “Misaki is nothing to him” to protect her from Ayukawa.
Oh, and Ayukawa is so scary! *__* I really like her!

“Oh, God” seems to be Misaki’s catchphrase :D I hope to hear her say that many times more ^_^
And the cliffhanger ending! *__* Looking forward to the next installment!

Please, please, tell us who is the voice of the announcer in t he fantasy-sequence-game?
And who’s voicing the character that’s cravingnicotinecravingnicotinecravingnicotine?