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Reply To: Tokyo Demons Book 3: Chapter 3, Part 1 discussion

Lianne Sentar

Aw. Thank you, Olivia! XD

Your deductions regarding Kado’s plan are VERY INTERESTING. :D Those little Touya POV scenes are packed with clues about a lot of stuff, and I’m not surprised you’re one of the astute readers picking up on them.

I agree with you on Miki being static – he totally is, almost painfully so – and that shit is going to BLOW soon. The crux of Miki’s personality is his loyalty. It’ll drive him through the next few story updates, which are going to be intense. And you reminded me that I forgot to hyperlink to the Miki Date CD in this new chapter (just fixed it), since that includes some key Miki backstory elements that better round out his feelings about his parents and Mitsuko.

Like Mitsuko being her wonderfully unique self, using her powers of seduction and manipulation to trick people…into doing what’s best for themselves.

Wow, way to nail her characterization, ha ha! XD