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I’m late to the party but who cares~!

I’ve just listened to the podcast and I must say it was great to hear a lot of things you said in it. It’s interesting to hear some of the hmm market analysis :) and I must say hearing it and hearing your preferences makes me so much confident about stuff I write myself. I definitely feel better about things I am planning in my webcomic and how I purposefully try not to talk about if/what kind of romance would appear in is as I want people to see for themselves. I mean it’s great that there are people who appreciate romances/relationships that happen organically (I was kind of suspecting lots of shipping stems from that but I didn’t realize it’s up to that degree).
I also really need to read or listen to Tokyo Demons now :)

Also, along with other podcasts, you ladies sound really fun :) Hearing you geek about stuff while I do boring things at dayjob is what keeps me going!