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Reply To: DNA-RW (short story)


Corinthian that definitely is something to think about! For this story I was going more psychological horror than detective. Nel knew she fit the description of the other victims and let herself be caught by Asshole, kind of like really awful fishing but using herself as bait. She didn’t even think that she might be related to one of the victims despite her looking similar to them probably because she has some experience passively reading DNA of other people and knows that many unrelated people share similar physical characteristics. I probably should have put more hints in that they were distantly related and will keep it in mind for the next thing I write. :D

I do want to write more in this world Nel lives in but it might not focus on Nel and Amber. What if there was someone with powers that was more mentally prepared to use them? Or maybe that was what helped this story stand out, that Nel was biting off far more than she could psychologically chew? Was the guy in the suit really on to her or was she just being paranoid? (I know the answer to that last one. ;) )

Sorry I haven’t been more active on the forums! I am still getting over Tennis Elbow in my dominate hand so I’ve been rationing my keyboard time for writing purposes and largely using my left hand.

Thank you to everyone who has read DNA-RW and to everyone who has provided their thoughts and feedback on the story! It means a lot to me to hear that people enjoyed it and that they have ideas on how it could be better! It can be tough to get feedback sometimes, particularly if you write something that’s so dark. I think it can scare people into not speaking their mind on how it could be improved. :s

I hope everyone had a Happy New Year! Let’s rock 2015 with some awesome stories and support Sparkler Monthly!