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[Warning! This comment contains SPOILERS for the entirety of Ch. 5]

Skye tap-tap-tapping impatiently at the Saloon is my favorite scene in this series so far! =^__^=

And I’m just so, so glad to see Skye again. ♥ He is great in this chapter and he doesn’t even have any lines *__*
Oh, the cliffhanger ending!.. I hope he doesn’t attempt to eat Morgan…

And, wow!, nobody died in this Chapter! This is surprising ^_^

So Lu is short for Lucrezia. Good to know :)

I wonder if Mrs. Rousseau – if that is indeed Mabel’s last name – is related to Emile (professor Rousseau)…

I find the mystery of the letter extremely interesting *__* Something (read: everything about this extraordinary story) tells me the explanation is not going to be as simple as “ghosts”.

“Mythrilite” is a fictional something, right? Or am I ignorant?

Loved this chapter! ♥ ^___^