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Extras: Glossary (Skyglass)

A Probably-Not-So-Concise Guide to the Wonky Jargon of Skyglass

Abyss, the: The subterranean nether regions of the city of Raith. Occasionally described as “what you get when you throw a sex-deprived termite mound in bed with a formicophillic beast of darkness.” The Abyss is mostly populated by the financially compromised, and citizens who have less-than-savory-business to conduct.

air barge: Exactly what it sounds like–a levitating barge used to transport large shipments throughout the city.

anti-g: Anti-gravity. A neutralizing inversion force often paired with myriad objects that don’t usually float, for the purpose of convenience or spectacle. (Examples include anti-g scarves, vehicles–like aircars and barges–and household pets.)

bioplast: An all-purpose construction material made from organic scrap.

Blowup: Full-sensory artwork, usually somewhat narrative in nature. Blowup artists create environments and stories of their choice by putting together sequences of faux smells, images (3D or otherwise), sensations, sounds, emotions, etc., that will engulf the participant. Can be subtle (e.g. adding taste to bland food to make it more palatable), or as immersive as Virtual Reality.

bodyzip: An item of clingy, transparent clothing that covers the wearer from toe to scalp.

bubbleship: A bouncy, un-poppable spaceship made to look like a bubble.

chomp’ems: A tasty snack that stays crunchy no matter how much it’s chewed.

com: (See personal communicator.)

Cormac’s Baby Orchard: A three-piece necrogloom band from the moon.

digi-surgeon: A particular kind of needle (hacker), generally considered to be more of the hack-and-slash variety as opposed to the typical subtle, track-covering breed. The most homicidal of digi-surgeons have made vegetating the brains of their enemies into a covert, national pastime.

drink-maker: Like a bartender. They make and serve beverages at drinkups.

drinkup: A place where one can acquire liquids that are wet, palatable, typically alcoholic, and (hopefully) safe to imbibe.

eater-heater: An appliance used to instantly heat food–and not, as the name implies, the eater of said food.

Elektrodagger, the: A perilous drinkup located in the Abyss.

elf: A somewhat derogatory label for humans who possess the ability to feed plants via meditation. The excess energy is harvested and used to power the city. The elves are marked with the following government-enforced physical indicators: green thumbs, jewel-toned eyes, pointy ears, and a bleached square of skin over the left eye.

exear: Sonic technology used to project sound into the surrounding environment (like a stereo system).

fistman: A bouncer.

fructo-fuzz: A pulpy, extremely sweet, extremely alcoholic beverage made from nothing natural whatsoever. Short for fructo-fuzz tongue-tickler.

fructo-lights: Candy-colored illumination.

Gut, the: The forest that circumcises Raith.

Headspace: The ephemeral, mental portion of a person’s ‘personal bubble,’ most often punctured by invasive needles.

main line: The central route the city’s vus system runs along.

Myriad: A music shop located in the Abyss. Also, the only place on the planet where physical music (discs) can be purchased in person.

needle: A hacker.

nibblets: A deep-fried side dish served at the restaurant chain FastEats. Made from whatever vegetative matter the city’s composters refused to take.

p-com: (See personal communicator.)

Peeps: Squishy, sugar-crusted marshmallows shaped like barnyard animals (predominantly chickens). Can only be obtained on the black market.

personal communicator: A device used to communicate and store/access/alter/create media. Can be either handheld or embedded in the head. The former can be aesthetically customized to reflect the owner’s personal style. (Also called “com,” or “p-com.”)

pisshead: Asshole.

poppers: Obsessive fans of popups.

popups: Extremely popular Blowup artists.

purists: Single-minded art snobs who take their media one dimension at a time. In other words, snack-time and sex-time should never, ever overlap. Extreme purists choose a single sense and devote their whole existence to it; one famous example tells the tale of a woman obsessed with the sense of taste who paid to have her skin replaced with a thousand living tongues.

Raith: An elf-powered city on Earth.

rotsucker: A member of the species asshole, who has perfected the art of being an ass with a hole.

Skyglass: An earthblood band influenced by night rock and ancient prog metal, comprised of four purists from Raith.

skullwear: Any sort of head adornment. Can range from helmets, bonnets, and top hats, to strap-on flowerpots, and the ever-useful umbrella fish.

soul-paint: Paint that displays whatever the viewer wants it to.

soul-threads: Clothing that changes its form at the bidding of the wearer.

tightlings: Tights that stop well above knee-height. Probably actually just underwear.

Trellis, the: Raith’s agricultural district.

VR: Virtual Reality.

vus: A bus that uses anti-gravity to travel in four dimensions (or more, if certain street myths are to be believed).

Waste, the: The dead, silty landscape that surrounds Raith and covers most of the planet.