Creator : Studio Kosen

Aurora García and Diana Fernández are two Spanish artists who have been drawing comics and illustrations since 1998 as Studio Kôsen, or simply Kôsen. Their first works were published in printed manganime magazines such as Dokan, Minami, Shirase and YaoiZone. Their first comic-book series was Garou-chan, published by Amaniaco Ediciones in Spain. In 2006 they created Saihôshi, Stallion and the short story Special Treatment for Yaoi Press (USA). In 2008, Daemonium for TOKYOPOP (USA). All of them have been licensed and published in other countries (Italy, Germany, Poland, Finland, Spain, Argentina and China) They also worked as inkers on vol.1 of  Warcraft: Legends. Their illustrations have been published in two art books: ShadoWings (Chan, 2002) y Reflections (Yaoi Press, 2007).

From 2010-2013 Editores de Tebeos published the first two volumes of their series Lêttera, with Ediciones Babylon publishing the third and final volume in 2014. Kôsen also wrote a sequel to Saihôshi as a prose novel series, called Saihôshi Redemption, published as an omnibus edition in 2012 by Editores de Tebeos.

Their most recent works include a prose novel series, Monstruo busca monstruo, published on Amazon Kindle, and Windrose, a comic book series for Chromatic Press.

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